(galego) SEITURA



onica Malvar grew up in a rural setting in Orense, where she participated in traditional family farming practices. He pursues his studies in graphic design, working in marketing companies, advertising in a publishing house.
In 2016 she began her agricultural training that will lead her to take the Integrated Program for Employment BIO-undertaking, or Agricultural Business Aptitude Course for incorporation into the activity as well as other training courses specializing in horticulture and fruit growing.
It is then that he decided to buy a live and his property in the parish of Vilamourel, paderne, with the aim of dedicating himself professionally to organic farming.
Its holding is certified by the Regulatory Council of Organic Agriculture of Galicia (CRAEGA) for the production of orchard and fruit (No of operator do CRAEGA GA/03118/PV), also having artisan poultry production of the Galiña de Mos race with the aim of diversifying the production.
It manages about 1.7 hectares in production, maioritariatly with outdoor crops, but also with greenhouse of 600 m2.
The main values that Monica intends to instill in her project are: integrity; responsibility; health; personal and social development; quality and customer service; innovation; biodiversity promotion.
Its main customers are environmentally friendly stores, consumer groups, restaurants and direct sales to the end consumer.