cagiao cheeses


heeses Cagiao is a family business located in the place of Medín (Vilamorel-Paderne) that combines the production of milk vaccinated with cheese making.
The number of heads that the exploitation has is about 200, with 103 hectares for forage production.
Currently employs 11 people, making different types of cheese always from the milk of their own farm.
The annual production is about 130,000 kg of cheeses, of which 70% is from fresh cheeses and 30% from cured cheeses.
Most of the distribution is carried out directly by them, except in the most remote areas of the province of Orense and in Ponferrada (León) where they have a distributor. Its main customers are small stores in the region of Betanzos, Coruña city, Lugo city, Lugo coast, Ourense city, Ferrol and Santiago de Compostela.

Cagiao Cheeses

  • Persona de contacto: Ana Cagiao Purriños
  • Teléfono: 655842538 – 981797053
  • Enderezo electrónico:
  • Enderezo: Lugar de Medín, 19. Vilamourel 15314 (Paderne)