Marca Reserva de Biosfera

What is the brand of the Biosphere Reserve?

The Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve brand Is a badge that recognizes the agro-food products and services of the territory that offer values according to the space in which they are developed.

It is created with the purpose of differentiating, adding value, promoting and disseminating local resources, products and services that enhance traditional economic activities and the social economy within the framework of the sustainability of the protected territory.

What values does the brand promote?

The use of the mark Biosphere Reserve Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeois born with the object of promotion and defense of the quality, guarantee and origin of the products of the area of the Reserve, obtained from a know-how responsible and respectful with the environment.

The Biosphere Reserve as a figure of recognized prestige endorsed by UNESCO should serve as a link between the whole of the values of protected products and,at the same time, as a complaint to the consumer.
The ultimate goal of the brand is the differentiation of their products and / or services.

What brings the brand to the users?

1.  The adoption of the mark by a set of products / services will provide:

  • Values of: volume, homogeneity and stability of supply.
  • Increased ease of obtaining resources for services or tasks.

2. Users of the brand will be supported by the corporate image of the brand, which will assist in its identification and association with the Biosphere Reserve.


3. This image of the brand extends to the labeling, packaging, signage, mer-chandising …



Adhesion to other initiatives

With the aim of increasing its capacity of penetration in the market and to enhance its image, the mark of the Biosphere Reserve Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo will adhere to the future brand of Network of Spanish Biosphere Reserves.

The Network of Spanish Biosphere Reserves is made up of the 47 reserves designated by UNESCO in the whole of the state. Its coordination is assumed by the Autonomous National Parks Authority (OAPN) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

As in the case of the corporate image of the brand itself, the products affixed may also use the logo of this other brand of wider range.

Ecotourism Club of Spain

ElTourist product club Spanish Biosphere Reservesis a method designed to generate a differentiated tourist product by its location in territories that bear the distinction of Biosphere Reserve and in which it is possible to know and enjoy its natural and cultural heritage.

As in the case of the Biosphere Reserves Network brand, the club is sponsored by the Autonomous National Parks Authority, reinforced by the involvement of the Spanish Tourism Institute “Turespaña”.

The companies adhering to the Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve (primary producers, agro-industries or restoration) will have direct access to opt for their integration in the Tourist Product Club, which in turn grants the right to be included in the Spanish ecotourism club, distinction equivalent to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.In the network of establishments adhered will boost the consumption of products of the Biosphere Reserve.

Advice and training

The brand, through the technical team of the Reserve, will offer a continuous advice service to all its associates, both in generic aspects and in order to meet specific or specific needs.
This advice will be complemented by specific training activities (courses, workshops, seminars) that will address those aspects most relevant and demanded by the partners and which will have experts from proven value and solvency.

Information and support in access to aid and subsidies

The information and support for the application of grants and subsidies will be addressed from different perspectives:

  • The companies that are affiliated will benefit from the whole of the subsidies that they can compete for and be the subject of a concession by the managing body of the brand.
  • From the technical team will be kept informed of the partners of those calls that may be of interest to you. If so requested, the technical team provides in an individualized way the necessary support for the preparation and presentation of the relevant documentation.
  • Development initiatives (promotion of associationism, catalysis of projects, new initiatives,…