he Biosbardos – Culture of Leira, is a project thought from the deep roots of Permaculture, which grows in the fertile soil of the aggregation of value to the product and is visualized with the vision that brings the “global thinking, local action”.They seek the cultivation of rich foods both organoleptically and in information about themselves: they seek a customer in love with quality, who demands and values garden products with guarantees: of origin, type of cultivation, treatment, economy of the common good, etc., as well as with a conscious interest in the consumption of proximity and in the circular economy.
Aware of the current reality, it is committed to technological innovation with the aim of making the project scalable at any level and can bring the digital revolution closer to the world of land.
The Biosbardos begin their journey with the transformation of a set of land with a total area of 5 ha in the place of Lendoiro (Cambre), although at the moment they only have in production around 4,000 m2, and are currently located (October 2019) in the period of expensive conversion of organic agriculture.
The main objective crops of this start of walking are: chard, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, ouregano, leek, arugula, thyme, kiwi, beetroot, rabaniños, grelos, peas, beans and tomato. They are also to try some varieties of fruit shops such as avelá, maceira, perereira or peach, with a forecast to introduce pouco to pouco red fruits.
It consists of a project for its total start-up in a horizon of 3-5 years.


  • Persoa de contacto: Miguel Ángel Roig Barber
  • Teléfono: 630659127
  • Correo electrónico: miguel.roig@osbiosbardos.com
  • Dirección: Lugar de Lendoiro, nº14, 15650 Cecebre (Cambre)