una de Dexo was born in 2016, by the hand of Sonia and Fran, as a self-consumption garden on a plot of around 6,000 m2 in Dexo, Oleiros, in the heart of the Costa de Dexo-Serantes Natural Monument.

In the summer of 2017, the insistence of the neighbors to buy their products makes them begin to gradually consider professional dedication to the activity, a fact that finally materializes in 2019 with the registration in the Registry of Agricultural Exploitations of Galicia.

They work with the intention that their farm be a model of sustainability, so they do not use chemical products, focusing on biological control for pest control.

They currently have an indoor production of 1,440 m2 and an outdoor area of ​​around 6 hectares. Most of the plots are the result of transfers by neighbors in the area.

They are specialized in the cultivation of gourmet tomatoes, having more than 60 varieties. They also grow more than 150 varieties of crops such as eggplant (6 varieties), potato (4 varieties), hot pepper (20 varieties), edible flowers, aromatic herbs, beans (6 varieties), green beans (3 varieties),…

The marketing of its production is divided between restaurants in the city of A Coruña (60%) and private clients (40%), offering both home delivery with its own means or through external services, depending on the destination.


Lúa de Dexo

  • PersoNa de contacto: Sonia e Fran
  • Dirección: R/ Carballos, 54 15177 Dexo (Oleiros)


  • Teléfono: 634 837 219 
  • Dirección electrónico: franciscogilpuentes@gmail.comwww.granxaluadedexo.com