eiriñas de Uz is the idea conceived by two Biology graduates in a way of farming based on respect for nature. Aspects are combined that range from zero waste, responsible use of water, circular economy, reaching a maximum of biodiversity that allows the agricultural system to be sustainable and capable of self-regulation and have a negative carbon footprint thanks to the use of the Sun as an energy source.

In their farm they cultivate species from around the world, which requires intense prior knowledge work on their biology and cultivation methods to adapt it to the geographical characteristics of northern Galicia. They intend to take a step beyond organic certification, with self-produced biostimulants and biocides and cultivating only pure lines.

Leiriñas de Uz was born as a self-employment project with the aim of obtaining healthy and different foods without using any product that is harmful to people or the environment.

This is how the farm based in the parish of Mondego (Sada city council) arose, dedicated to ecological @hortícola production.

The farm has about 4,000 m2 of available surface dedicated to a wide range of @hortícola varieties. You are supported by the sheltered infrastructure provided by two tunnel-type greenhouses of 300 m2 each.

Marketing is focused on restaurants, mainly in the city of A Coruña, with private sales also being made.

Leiriñas de Uz