LAre two brothers who are dedicated to the production of organic garden located in the municipality of Oza-Cesuras, in the parish of Dordaño and inscribed in the Regulatory Council of Organic Agriculture of Galicia. They work several plots with vegetables, legumes, cereals and fodder.

These two brothers always liked the agriculture, in their house always had animals and vegetable garden for self consumption.They began their agricultural work planting for a large commercial area, but they did not like to walk with the sulfate and with the phyto-sanitary ones and after a course that they made of ecological agriculture decided to try with the ecological agriculture and already they go with 3 years from which they began , And with great expectations of future.

They have 7 hectares of outdoor cultivation distributed in more than 30 plots and 1 hectare of land distributed in two greenhouses. All plots or greenhouses are located in the municipality of Oza-Cesuras. The commercialization of the production is directed mainly to dining rooms of the schools, to stores and restaurants. They also sell to some private, but occasionally.

The commercialized productions are:Beets, garlic, oats, eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, squash, squash, chestnuts, onion, cherries, clams, cabbage, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, strawberries, greens, peas, figs, beans, kiwi Laurel lettuce lemons wheat tangerines apples melon nabizas oranges nuts nettle potatoes cucumber pears parsley pepper garlic pork rabanitos beetroot cabbage watermelon tirabeque tomato wheat, Grapes, veza, carrot.


  • Contact person: Iván Lata Rodríguez
  • Location: Ameixenda – Oza-Cesuras
  • Products made: horta ecolóxica
  • Phone: 641446956
  • Email: