Daterra do País, S.L.

D aterra do País, S.L. is a producer, packaging and marketing company of horticultural products located in the municipality of Miño that is specialized in PATATA KENNEBEC and CEBOLLA CHATA..

It has about 11 ha of cultivation in the municipality of Miño (more than 90% as lease), distributed in more than 60 plots, and a warehouse for the calibration, classification, weighing, packaging and distribution of 400 m2.

The commercialization of the production is directed towards cooperatives, joint traders, chains of greengrocers and large chains of distribution, among which GADISA stands out with a comercial.




The commercialized productions are the following:

  • Potato Kennebec Bag 3 kg
  • Bulk white potato
  • Flat onion in mesh 1 kg
  • Flat onion in bulk

Daterra do País, S.L.

  • Products made: Potato and onion
  • Contact person Cristina Bañobre Lomba
  • Phone: 657 961 116
  • Email
  • Web: