Conexión Mandeo

F ive winegrowers gathered to recover abandoned vineyards, and they are recovering them with the most traditional variety of the area, the legitimate target, which is a caste practically exclusive in this region, and it was the passion for it, precisely, that brought them together in this project.

Ángel Pedreira Vieiro, José Luis Bouzón Beade, Juan Naveira Presedo, Pablo Fernández Coroas y Ricardo Rilo Rodríguez are five entrepreneurs who created Mandeo Connection with the purpose of recovering old vineyard farms, growing vines and creating a new wine.

They exalt the quality of an ancestral variety whose first strains appeared in Paderne.
Legitimate white has an important potential in the production of dry wines, because of its acidity, it is also good to make sparkling wines and in years in which the autumn is dry, there is the possibility of making sweet wine, late vintage wines. And a very versatile variety.

They do not work with antibotritis because then in the cellar they can give problems in the fermentation, since they do not use chemical products so that the wine fermente.

They select a part of the harvest to ferment in a wooden barrel and another part in steel tanks, then join those two parties and continue with aging for a year to give it more wine. And then they leave in aging in the bottle so that the wine can last longer in the market (4 or 5 years). Thus they elaborate their flag wine or “Alicerce” a monovarietal of legitimate white with a little touch of Agudelo and Godello.

Conexión Mandeo

  • Contact person: Pablo Fernández Coroas
  • Phone: 649 885 072
  • Email:
  • Dirección: San Mamede, 10. 15314 Paderne