ran had his entire working life dedicated to outro sector totally different from agriculture. It only maintained contact with the garden when residing in the rural and maintaining the typical production of self-consumption.
There comes a time when for personal reasons you have to leave your usual job and return to the family life. And that’s when he realizes that he has his usual illusion, work and live from a horticultural farm, which he puts into practice at the beginning of 2019.
In addition to the plots of the family home, it obtains the transfer of other areas attached to its living to approach just over 1 hectare of outdoor production supported by a small greenhouse mainly for the production of campus.
It distributes the marketing of its products between restaurants in the environment and sales in feiras and local markets.
Although I do not yet make the decision to certify in economic agriculture, it is clear that its products go on the market without any treatment.

A Horta de Sueiriña

  • Persoa de contacto: Francisco José López Roca
  • Teléfono: 616388284
  • Enderezo: Lugar O Monte, 15175 Cañás (Carral)