A Castrexa


aula Patiño had already had a culinary creative laboratory for several years when he decided to start the ACastrexa project in 2016.

Your company is attached to the Decalogue of Integral Sustainability of wool Industria Agroalimentaria of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. It usually works to order, also marketing online and at the expense of small establishments around the Biosphere Reserve (20%), in the rest of the province of A Coruña (70%), in Galicia (3%) you are state-owned (7%).




Cream foods that bring the most authentic traditions of Galicia closer to the desire of demanding consumers who want to try new experiences.

They invite their clients to explore their tastes and discover new textures, colors, aromas and flavors through combinations that expand the register of our senses. Their foods inspire creative solutions and allow you to give a unique flavor to each recipe and each moment.

We all have an artistic side in the kitchen. That is why at Acastrexa they help their customers enrich their dishes and recipes with a watercolor of flavors.



They are constantly innovating and looking for new formulas that increase the horizons of our palates. They consider any suggestions for new flavors and invite their customers to explore different ways to combine foods at the table.


Its drinks allow connections between varieties of native Galician products and the creativity of consumers when pairing and combining them with different elements.


All foods can enhance their properties and flavors with a little salt, but you hardly ever think about what type of salt. At Acastrexa they invite people to experience the flavors that enrich the aromatic salts of Galician fruits and vegetables.

Sauces, creams and mousses.

With crisp textures and with a great flavor personality, its group of sauces, creams and mousses can be served in a wide variety of temperatures, flavors, aromas and accompaniments. At Acastrexa they want to enrich the palate of consumers and invite them to explore how a cream can become much more than a dessert or a garnish to a dish.

Spreads, inks and garnishes

Some people call them “jams” but for them they are much more. Spreads are Acastrexa’s creative material par excellence. Its texture and strong colors give it just the right consistency to display our art and use cookies, breads, toasts and any other surface as canvas. They can also be used as inks, giving a subtle flavor nuance to a dish, or as garnishes that season and add shine, personality and freshness to new recipes.

Unclassifiable Acastrexa

Being a laboratory of culinary creativity in constant activity, Acastrexa products constantly defy any attempt at labeling or categorization. That is why they present solutions that conflict with traditional types of food, but combine different aromas, flavors and textures.

A castrexa

  • Persoa de contacto: Rosa Paula Patiño Varela
  • Teléfono: 615 615 193
  • Enderezo electrónico: acastrexa@gmail.com
  • Dirección: Os Campóns, 37. 15181 Cambre